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My 2023 Health Journey

My favorite

Protein Packed Breakfast

Eating and Movement are an important part of life.   

We are all about eating real food and fueling our bodies with good things. 

2022 was an eye opener for us.

We made a lot of changes but still have room for improvement.

We know that life after 50 is different, but that does not mean we have to become old and unhealthy.

Be sure and check the blog often for encouragement and updates on our wellness journey.

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6 Week Update

Down 1 size in Jeans

Don’t wait until you are sick and tired to become healthy and fit


3 things you can change today:

1- Drink more water


2- Go for a walk


3- Eat More Real Food 



#wellnessjourney #healthyandfit 


Having a healthy mindset and true confidence does not include:

-Always being obsessed with your weight


-Comparing your body to other women’s bodies


-Thinking you have to be a certain size to do what God has called you to do


Have you ever struggled with any of these?

I have in the past. 


#positivebodyimage #stopcomparing 

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