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"Body Image Mindset Check"

Updated: Feb 22

If you have ever hid behind other people in photos, this is for you.

If you have ever used a filter to erase all your cellulite, this is for you.

If you have ever posed a certain way to look thinner or bigger, this is for you.

I have an activity I want to encourage you to do. Remember, I will never ask you to do something I have not done. This is something just for you. If you want to share with me that you did it, let me know in a private message on Facebook, Instgram, or contact me at

Look at your social media pictures, the pics on your phone, and even old photo albums. Now do you see any that you tried to hide behind other people in the photo? Do you see photos where you tried to hide behind someone? Do you see photos you cropped because you were embarrassed about your body image? Maybe you see where you have been changing your mind about these things. This picture above is me hiding behind one of my daughters back in 2015. I have definitely changed my mindset since then.

Have you ever noticed how something becomes a natural part of your life when you repeat it often enough? It takes practice to change your mindset, but you can do it. Every time you try to hide your body or pose a certain way you are sending a message to everyone around you, even if you don't realize it. I know I did my daughters a disservice by doing this. I am glad that they now see me sharing this positive message about body image.

I want to encourage you to live like a pineapple.

Stand Tall

Wear a Crown

Stay Sweet on the Inside


1- This is one of my favorite ways that will start working pretty fast. You will be surprised. Are you ready for it?

GET EXERCISE- Every time I am in a regular routine of exercise, within a couple of days my mind gets clear and is focused on what is true.

Isn't it wonderful how God made our bodies to impact our mental health when we are physically active?

When you exercise chemical messengers called neurotransmitters are released throughout your nervous system. The most common neurotransmitters people think about when it comes to exercise are endorphins. Endorphins block pain and increase pleasure sensation.

Exercise improves mental health. I want to encourage you to start exercising, even if it's just going for a brisk walk. Start with 15 minutes and increase accordingly.

Walking and lifting weights are my two favorite forms of exercise. Think of exercise as a way to improve your mental well-being and change your mindset. After all, everything we believe about our body image is in our mind.

I know that tip was long, but I wanted to emphasize the mindset change exercise can bring.

2- I cannot emphasize this one enough sis! PLEASE STOP following Social Media accounts of so-called "famous" people with the so-called "perfect" bodies. A lot of these accounts are filled with photoshopped bodies and faces.

3- Start a Challenge with yourself or a friend. Start taking full-length body photos at least once a day for the next 30 days.

If you want to share on Social Media great, but just get comfortable showing up fully as you. If you do post a full length photo on Instagram or Facebook, feel free to tag me in it. I want to cheer you on. Use the hashtag #rightbodymindset

The more you do it, the easier it gets. I promise.

Remember that your confidence comes from Christ alone. Your value is not in the size or shape of your body.

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