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“Sis, You’re Not Cinderella and that’s Good News”

Most of us have been taught from an early age the story of Cinderella and how everything would change back at midnight. You don’t need a fairy godmother sis.

The so called “wonderful life” Cinderella was experiencing all disappeared at midnight.

This was a temporary fix for Cinderella. We know the rest of the story how the prince searches for the woman that fit the glass slipper left behind at the ball.

This is your New Year reminder that you don’t need another human to come in and change everything about you so you can look perfect.

The New Year is a time when we are encouraged to improve our health, appearance, and finances.

Actually being healthy and giving your body the right nutrients and exercise is going to help you be a better witness for Christ. You will feel better and have more energy.

But don’t focus on a number on the scale or a clothing size this year.

Here is the one thing I am going to do to measure my wellness goals. I am going to measure my waist once a month. That’s it. Having too much belly fat can cause many healthy problems.

I am to focusing on my health, not the “perfect” size of shape body so I can wear the perfect outfit for the perfect event.

After 40 years of setting goals every New Year’s of what size I will be by a certain date that never happens, I will walk in freedom by eating, drinking, and moving as unto The Lord.

Now let’s talk about the part where you think you have to look you have to look, dress, and act a certain way to get human prince you think you want.

Whether you are married or not this message is for you. Many men have a distorted view of what women should look and act like because as they are bombarded with the “ads” as much as you are.

As a woman of God I want to encourage you to look to the Word of God for how you should look, act, and dress.

Don’t feel pressured to set a bunch goals and resolutions before midnight December 31st. Take the time you need me figure out what 2022 is supposed to look like for you through God’s eyes and His Word.

Here are my four top tips as you head into a New Year so you don’t fall into the trap of Cinderella syndrome.

1- Don’t be pulled in by the advertisements of people telling you that you need their product in order to look better.

Sis you are already beautiful. You are God’s creation. I dare you to look in the mirror and say “I am beautiful because I am a daughter of The King.”

2- If you want to be healthy start eating real food and move your body as a celebration of your wonderful body and not a punishment for all the times you didn’t give your body what it needs.

I guarantee that you will love this new freedom.

3- Stop following accounts on social media that are compromising God’s Word by trying to be trendy. Never compromise The Word of God. Whether you like it or not the things you see and hear will have influence on you.

Make sure it’s good.

4- Don’t allow yourself to dress, speak, or act in away that is out of God’s character just to get new followers or likes.

Being the most popular or well liked influencer means absolutely nothing if you compromise and don’t allow yourself to be the woman God called you to be.

You don’t need a fairy godmother or a human Prince Charming to complete you.

When you are a child of God, you are made complete in Him. So the next time the enemy lies to you and makes you think that Jesus is not enough to make you complete, remember what the Word of God says.

Colossians 2:10 says you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power.

I pray that your daily affirmation for 2022 and beyond will be

“I am made complete in Christ”

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